About Us

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Our Story

Picture it - summer of 2019 in Ruby Bay, Nelson. Our founder Clo discovers the powers of bentonite clay when she sees her younger sister mixing up a green paste and applying it to her face. After reassurance from their Mum, the sciencey one in the family, Clo gives the clay a go and is amazed by the results. A lightbulb goes off in her head. 

Fast forward through a pandemic, national lockdown and lots of planning and experimenting, Clay Care is born. Simple and effective, Clay Care is nature's solution to congested skin.

We hope you love it as much as we do x

Our Footprint

Here at Clay Care we’re committed to doing our part to reduce unnecessary waste and pollution. Packaging cosmetics is tricky as there’s no perfect solution that protects the quality of your product while also having no environmental impact. 

What are we doing about it?

While our stand up pouches are not recyclable due to the interior lining that keeps the clay dry, they’re currently the best option that results in using as little plastic as possible. Every other aspect of our packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials, even the courier bag your Clay Care pouch will arrive in. We’re also big on supporting other local businesses and source all of our printing and packaging from around New Zealand. We’re constantly on the lookout for ways we can improve and are committed to the on-going journey of reducing our environmental footprint.