How It Works

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How does Clay Care work?

There’s some pretty cool science behind Clay Care but we’ll try to keep it simple. When Clay Care is hydrated with water or apple cider vinegar it becomes powerfully absorbent, due to the clay's negative electrical charge. Clay Care attracts the positively charged toxins in your skin, pulling out the bacteria, sebum and excess oil. Clay Care’s fine powder also works as an exfoliant to gently buff away dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, clean and healthy.


Which skin types should use Clay Care?

Clay Care’s clay mask is suitable for all skin types but we do recommend that for drier skin, you leave your mask on for a shorter amount of time (5 - 10 minutes) and follow up with your favourite moisturiser. 

How often should I use Clay Care?

Because our clay mask provides such a deep cleanse we recommend you don’t use it more than once a week.

How many masks will I get out of one pouch?

Based on 2 tablespoons per mask you will get 10 uses from one pouch. 

Where should I store my pouch?

Because of Clay Care’s absorbent nature store your pouch sealed and in a dry room. 

Why should I mix Clay Care with non-metal utensils? 

Mixing your mask with metal utensils can interfere with the clay's absorbent properties.